Random Thoughts

  • In Korea, poor kids study English while rich kids study in English.
  • I’ll never let a tiny scratch on my car ruin the day.
  • I read fiction to remind myself I’m merely a speck in the vast universe.
  • Great bakers respect time, temperature, and hydration.
  • Humor could be the best indicator to gauge someone’s intelligence and creativity.
  • It was Children’s Day in Korea yesterday. I had a moment of silence for all the children who would not be born because of the country’s lowest fertility rate in the world.
  • Praying doesn’t solve problems. Actions do.
  • “I want to” is a trap. “I’m doing” is much better.
  • Plastic straws are gone. Private jets are flying.
  • Politicians scream, “Why can’t we create Korean ChatGPT?” Not a single of them has written code before.