Korean NPCs

As a Korean struggling to escape from NPCness, let me tell you how Korean NPCs think.

  • Happiness lies in getting into med school and becoming a doctor.
  • There can’t be a “Korean Steve Jobs” because the Korean education system obliterates creativity.
  • If you become a government worker, your life is set because you’re guaranteed a pension.
  • Never trust Korean media. New York Times and CNN are the most trustworthy media in the world.
  • Waiting in line for four hours to enter the trendiest restaurant is solely for my pleasure.
  • Moving to Australia, Canada, or the US will solve my problems in Korea.
  • Asking profound questions about life and the universe makes you a weirdo.
  • K-pop has nothing to do with online propaganda.
  • You need a stable job and loads of money to be married.