We Deserve Leaders Who Help Others Grow

Politicians are fighting again. I’m tired of seeing feeds full of arguments, not discussions. Politicians should care about the well-being of millions, but it seems like only the individualistic and power-hungry have succeeded in elections.

In Korea, citizens become hopeful when new politicians get elected. Like watching Korea vs. Brazil in the World Cup, most know there’s no chance of winning, but they still hope for a miracle. The same disappointment happens in politics. People get excited when politicians make rosy promises but get disappointed when they spend all their energy crushing others by any means necessary.

I haven’t seen a politician devoted to solving problems. Maybe the ones doing their jobs aren’t on the news. The quiet ones get forgotten, while the rowdy ones get remembered for the next election. In the end, citizens crave more content, not improvements.

Few believe officials, especially the president, are telling the truth. News has become entertainment. People prefer hearing about gossip and messiahs over multifaceted explanations.

Elections occur, but the candidates are almost always old men who don’t even know how to code “Hello World.” Korean students endure brutal exams for a chance to study in Seoul, but politicians aren’t tested for their suitability to lead the nation. I have nothing to say if some kid asks if there is anything to learn from our presidents. I can only say they are the most hated in the country.

We deserve better, but some kind of magic fools us again. We repeatedly elect another corrupt and egotistical maniac. Again, I dream of voting for leaders who understand their roles as uplifting others and serving the community.