More About Our Restaurant CHEESYLAZY

Since May 2022, my wife and I have been running CHEESYLAZY, a vegan sandwich shop in Jeju, South Korea.

What’s so special?

  • We write a weekly newsletter on our website. We share recipes we developed and publish essays about our experience and philosophy. We’ve written over 80 posts and currently have about a hundred subscribers.
  • We have fantastic reviews on all sites such as Happy Cow, Google, Naver, and Kakao.
  • Our food is fresh and original. We bake our bread twice a day and make almost all the ingredients ourselves. For example, pickles, kombucha, mayonnaise, hot sauce, romesco sauce, tofu cheese, smoked cheese, parsley pesto, teriyaki sauce, and chili are all housemade.
  • We aspire to be more than a restaurant. We’re writing our first e-book titled “Too Small to Fail - How to Start a Small Restaurant.” We’re also planning on hosting a podcast to interview independent business owners in Jeju.
  • We also update our 200 songs playlist on a daily basis.