When Customers Are Assholes

Because I run a restaurant, I meet both angels and assholes. Although 99% of our guests are fantastic, a few assholes still find their ways to sneak in and try to ruin the day. I wish I could always ignore them and find peace, but sometimes my feelings get scarred.

If hospitality means embracing assholes, I must hide my annoyance and provide my best service to everyone entering the restaurant. Even when someone vents frustration on me, I should be poised for the interaction.

Understanding assholes takes courage and effort. It’s impossible to follow this path without training my brain in mindfulness. To act this way, my body must be drenched with grace and love.

I can also forget about serving assholes and focus on other guests. Maybe someone’s got to face these assholes. The assholes would notice they were unwelcome, so most would never consider returning. This could be a wiser choice if I never regret treating some guests differently.

It’s a dilemma.