AI Has Not Changed My World

A few days ago, I listened to Kevin Kelly speaking about AI and its effect on the job market. “I still have not seen anyone who lost a job because of AI,” he said nonchalantly. His argument stood out because other so-called experts were all screaming about the upcoming AI revolution.

Sure. ChatGPT passed the bar exam, and Midjourney generated some impressive text-to-image artworks. However, my life has not been impacted at all. I still bake bread, clean floors, wash dishes, and write articles. AI’s not part of my life yet.

Humans are attracted to doomsday prophecies. When will the volcano erupt? When will the nuclear war begin? When will we achieve AGI? These questions are worth asking only if someone’s trying to prevent a potential catastrophe. Otherwise, “The world is ending anyway” mentality is the fertile ground for helplessness and meaninglessness.

Talking about AI is entertaining. That’s why the content around AI is sweeping the Internet. Nonetheless, I don’t have to squeeze AI into my life. I just want to execute my job well.