Some Thoughts on Marriage

My wife and I run a restaurant together, hang out with friends together, and write a newsletter together. Our relationship is the most remarkable quality of my life. We literally spend 24/7 with each other and rarely have a serious argument.

Some thoughts about our relationship…

  • We don’t hide anything. I don’t hold in farts in front of my wife. I just let them out like I’m alone. Freedom of speech is guaranteed as well. We say whatever we think it’s funny.
  • I often feel like she knows more about me than I know myself. Sometimes, we don’t even have to say anything to communicate. I just know when she wants to grab an ice cream.
  • We have small fights to prevent big arguments. It’s like using small fires to prevent large wildfires. Whenever I get hurt by what she says, I try to express my emotions immediately. Buddhist mentality is the way. I try my best to avoid suppressing feelings before I get consumed by anger.