Butt Does All the Hard Work

“Listen, butt does all the hard work.”

Dad used to say this whenever we went to a sauna together. He had this theory that most people forget to take care of their butt even though it’s the one doing all the “dirty jobs” for us.

Dad’s favorite spot in the sauna was a warm pool equipped with really strong massage jets. When we entered that pool, he immediately pushed massage buttons for both of us. “Make sure to massage your butt,” he never forgot to remind me.

We were the two boys moving butts in a circle to make sure the jets were touching the entire muscles. We were quiet and focused. And this ritual lasted for at least five minutes.

I still go to a sauna sometimes and think about these memories with Dad. We had some of the most honest conversations while we were literally naked. He also scrubbed my back, massaged my ears, and boosted my confidence saying I was good-looking. I never knew I would look back on those moments, but here I am. I miss my sauna buddy today.