I Wear My Dad's Clothes

When Dad passed away, he left behind a lot of clothes. Most of them are really nice clothes from his favorite brand Bogner.

I wanted to keep them as much as possible. With Mom’s help, I tried on all the clothes and brought many of them to my house.

His pants are a little too short, so I pretend they’re ankle-length pants. Some sleeves are short, but I wear them as 3/4 sleeve jackets. The size is not perfect, but I still love how comfy they are. Dad certainly had great taste in clothing. In terms of fashion, he and I value nothing but practicality.

Inheriting Dad’s collection has pushed me to believe in the importance of minimalism. I no longer think of buying more clothes. Seeing the aftermath of Dad’s passing, I realized I don’t want my future self to feel sorry about the stuff I’ve accumulated.

Wearing Dad’s clothes became my first step towards a simpler life.