I've Decided to Write Every Day

“Give up trying to create something sophisticated,” I told myself. “Why not forget all those prescriptive ideas about ‘the novel’ and ‘literature’ and set down your feelings and thoughts as they come to you, freely, in a way that you like?” - Haruki Murakami

I believe in the art of persistence.

From now on, I’ll be publishing every single day. Mostly in English, but occasionally in Korean. No overarching theme. Whatever jumps to my mind, I’ll jot it down on this blog.

It doesn’t matter if the day’s writing is god-awful. This project is for my own benefit. Without this system, I’ll always find an excuse to lie on my bed and start doom-scrolling until my thumb hurts.

It’s time to wake up and create. This is the change my heart demands.

See you tomorrow.