Should Conversations be Productized?

My wife and I had great conversations with our friends today. Like us, they’re small business owners who want their work to reflect who they are. Whenever we meet, we never run out of stories to share.

After hearing about their concerns, projects, and plans, I was instantly motivated to jumpstart my ongoing tasks. My friends’ perspectives on maintaining and transforming business felt so valuable that I wished I could record the conversation.

When amazing conversations end, I get sad because I know I’ll forget the details in a few days. It’s a bummer that I rely on my faulty memories to rewind what I’ve learned from the discussions. I wonder if recording conversations with other business owners and putting them out to the world would be a good idea.

What do you think? Does “productize yourself” mean I should productize my interactions with friends? I’m sure many more would benefit from listening to the talk between passionate business owners. At the same time, I could also miss opportunities to form authentic relationships. If I’m speaking to a mic while staring at a friend, can I really say I’m not being pretentious?