WeVPN Is Gone

WeVPN just shut down its service. I’ve been using the service for about a year, and I won’t be able to get any refund for the rest of my 2-year subscription. Fortunately, the monthly subscription fee was less than $3, so I’m not too shocked about the news.

A year ago, when looking for a paid VPN service, I searched “the best VPN” and read some recommendation articles(aka paid promotions). I didn’t spend enough time researching the best quality and reliability. I only cared about comparing the prices of different services. I assumed all VPN companies provided similar features and never thought software could shut down without giving any clear explanations.

Clearly, I made a dumb mistake. I hope not, but I can’t even be sure if WeVPN did anything malicious with the users’ data.

I’ve realized that I need to pay more attention to the longevity of the apps and software I subscribe to. It’s essential to check whether the service updates its features frequently while listening to customer feedback. For instance, WeVPN’s development had been stopped for a year. Not surprising. On the other hand, I trust Bear Blog because I can see that Herman, Bear Blog’s founder, has been dedicated to his philosophy of building the service to last forever.

It’s difficult to be up-to-date with every software. The easiest way to protect oneself from this kind of incident would be following individuals who’re genuinely passionate about sharing quality information. For example, it’s been helpful to follow The Privacy Dad to learn more about online privacy. Thanks to him, I’m now subscribed to a more reliable service.

Who should I follow? Email me if you have recommendations.