I Watched Beef

Today, I watched the last episode of a Netflix series, Beef.

Almost all characters inside struggle with depression, loneliness, or anger. Money doesn’t solve any of these problems. Getting parents’ approval, raising a child, believing in God, meeting a therapist, and starting new relationships don’t help either.

For Danny(Steven Yeun) and Amy(Ali Wong), self-remedy begins when they decide to be fully vulnerable in front of their beloved ones. Danny to his younger brother and Amy to her husband; the two characters confess their unforgivable mistakes.

Unveiling the ugly truth creates a mess. Danny and Amy both lose the trust of the people they care about the most. Regardless of these consequences, Danny and Amy feel relieved because they no longer have to lie anymore. They’re finally free from the obsession with perfectionism.

I wonder if I’m making the same mistakes as Danny and Amy. Do I want other people to think I’m flawless? Once in a while, it might be helpful to check if I’m desperately pretending to be someone else.