Can My Restaurant Survive?

Since last week, my restaurant’s had a lot more customers than I expected. Am I grateful? Yes. Am I excited? Of course. Am I worried as well? 100%.

Because my wife and I are the only ones running the restaurant, the service tends to get sloppy when people rush in simultaneously. We always try our best to interact with the customers; however, when the orders get stacked, we become sandwich-making robots grilling veggies and pouring drinks as fast as possible.

We never wanted CHEESYLAZY(our sandwich shop) to be another version of McDonald’s. Selling more sandwiches and making more money was never our motto. We wanted to start a “too small to fail” type of business so that we could forget about the “growth at all costs” mentality. That’s why we spent months searching for the cheapest property.

More time invested into the restaurant means less time for learning and relaxing. When the number of guests doubles, we must put much more time into prepping ingredients and cleaning dishes. This means I’ll be too tired to spend enough time writing my daily post on this blog. I won’t be able to have enough playtime with my cats, and I won’t be able to finish reading any books on my Kindle. Suddenly, my life gets very boring.

Again, I’m beyond grateful to see so many people in our restaurant. We used to have 3 guests per day, so things are much better now. However, I wonder if the restaurant will be able to survive if we continue beating ourselves to serve more customers.