I Don't Have to Be the Best

Lots of self-help books love to talk about the importance of mastering one’s craft. “Find your niche and be the best” might be the most general advice on the Internet.

What does “best” mean anyway? I’m a restaurant owner and blogger. Do I have to be a world-famous restauranteur and writer to be considered successful? Or is becoming the country’s favorite enough? How about the best in town? Being the most talented baker in my family wouldn’t be satisfying, right?

Not everyone can be Serena Williams at their job. Metrics for success should feel manageable. It takes time, but knowing one’s values might be the most rewarding endeavor.

Discovering the works of David Chang and Salman Rushdie should not make me feel small. No one’s asking me to mimic their lives. My life’s all set as long as I’m curious, optimistic, and peaceful.

I don’t have to be called “the best” to be happy.